About Timaleon:

Enjoy the cool battle in the Timaleon game for free and play against special characters! Step into a vast 2D outer space world and embark on the challenge with a spaceship like a triangle. You should act wisely and swiftly to survive as well as destroy the target. The mission is to become the leader who takes over the rankings. There are a large number of colorful moons around you. Especially, they will not disappear after being attacked. However, they will split and their pieces are not safe to touch. Some of them leave power-ups when they are removed. Pick up those items before the others steal them. Aside from that, you have to watch your back or the antagonist will hit you. Attempt to earn XP, upgrade your ship, and gain the higher score! They are important elements which allow you dominate the arena. Let’s start to dig deeply your job now! Good luck!


Use WASD keys to move, Space to fire, Enter to chat.

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