About Swordz.io:

Swordz.io is a free online multiplayer survival game. Boot a combat and play against all of the people existing on the map. Try to eliminate as many enemies as possible to earn the highest rankings and become the top player quickly! You are equipped with a strange weapon, a rudimentary sword. However, it can make you amazed. It will be able to grow longer, bigger, and stronger if eligible. Additionally, the own body’s size is also changed. More specifically, your mass will increase and you will be larger when you take the power of the target. After you join the battle in Swordz.io, remember to defend yourself always in order to survive while swinging and choosing the proper time to attack everything surrounding like the antagonist with red and green dots. Obtain points, extra score, and level up. You can dash and surprise the others. Let’s depart and conquer the leaderboard your way!


Use the mouse to move and swing, left mouse to attack, right mouse to dash.

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