About Starflict.io:

Check out the new combat in Starflict.io multiplayer online game along with strange opponents for free! Start as a tiny star, compete against all of the people around you in a very large and dark playing field to become the top player. You need to collect the most Stardustt and kill to achieve the goal. Planets will be attracted and supply many power-ups. Aside from the items you gather on the way, there is another effective tip to get much more that is to steal from the opponent by dashing into their body. Eve, you are allowed to cause damage to the bigger one. However, it is pretty dangerous. Therefore, you should consider before you decide to attack. The proper time will give you more advantages. Besides, try to act swiftly. If you get troubles, you can use black holes to avoid. Let’s play and share with your friends now! Good luck!


Move around by using the mouse cursor. Press left click to dash.

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