About Spinz.io:

Spinz.io is an awesome free for all multiplayer online game like Agar.io. Take part in the new match with a toy called spinner and play against every people. The mission is to become the top player who collects the most kill and the highest score. At the start, you need to eat colored dots to generate RPM (Revolutions per Minute). Meanwhile, remember to avoid collisions with stronger persons. You can speed up to escape. However, the acceleration will consume points. Don’t worry! You will have the chance to add more if you hunt down the prey which has the lower value. You are able to create a party by inviting your friends. You can compete against each other for the own rankings. Are you willing to participate in the battle and conquer the leaderboard? Customize your item by picking out anything in the collection and send it to the map right now!


Use the mouse to navigate. Hold left click to speed up.

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