About Spheroids:

Spheroids is a stunning free-to-play multiplayer online game set in a new universe. In the arena, you will depart with a spaceship. The main aim is to destroy all of the enemies existing inside the playing field as soon as possible to dominate the rankings. It’s not simple to control everything because the environment has no the friction! So, you can get some serious troubles if you want to move or stop. That can cause some unexpected collisions. Be careful! You can be damaged and die once you crash into planets too many times. Try to handle the speed for survival! In Spheroids, you should activate power-ups you have when the corresponding squares turn orange. Using special abilities will consume the power quickly. Don’t worry! Add more by collecting dots having the same color. Besides, shoot down the opponent before they kill you. Let’s take part in the combat and discover the world now! Good luck!


Use the mouse and Space to thrust, W to fire.

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