About SpaceSymbols.io:

SpaceSymbols.io is a massively space-themed multiplayer online .io game in which you can change the own symbols your way. To become the winner and dominate the universe that you will discover, you need to collect the most shapes, gather the highest score, and be the strongest player. Firstly, you roam around the existing map and eat planets. It is pretty safe to increase the mass. Meanwhile, remember to keep an eye on every strange movement and avoid every danger before you are killed. Indeed, there are tons of aggressive opponents in SpaceSymbols.io. Especially, bigger guys will have more chances to hunt down you in the short time. Speed up to escape if necessary. Once you’d like to assume any object of somebody, you should switch yours properly or you will get trouble. Try to level up and unlock new types! Let’s share with your friends and create a party right now! Hope you enjoyed!


Use the mouse to roam. Press left click or Space to change the symbol.

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