About Smelter.io:

Smelter.io is an awesome free online multiplayer game following the style of famous Io games, which giving players a vast arena along with 12 units. The main aim that you need to accomplish after spawning is to try your best to survive as long as possible until you hit the highest rank on the leaderboard to become the champion. So, you should attempt to defeat all of the opponents as well as beat every dangerous obstacle around you. If you move more, you will become hotter. Especially, you have to increase the temperature quickly. This creates a great advantage for you. Also, the action that you have implemented will offer very strong jumps, which are used to demolish everything along the path. In the Smelter.io, you’d better pick up stars and remove the enemy to earn much more scores. Not only that, activate shock and shot bonuses along with the provided bombs to defend yourself and win faster. Let’s play and experience the new adventure now!


Press arrows or the left mouse to move, right mouse to jump.

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