About PAKU.io:

PAKU.io is a cool free-to-play MMO strategy game. It’s available for you to enjoy and take part in a super interesting match! You will start as a mouth and surrounded by a circle. The main aim that you need to implement is to constantly level up until you climb up to the top spot and dominate. With the smaller body, you will have to work hard to grow it as soon as possible. After you leave the spawning point, you can roam and pick up colored dots. Consume them while paying attention to the strange moves of stronger players. Aside from the initial food source, you can hunt down and absorb smaller people to increase in size as well as running faster. When you gain the certain mass, you will break the ring and unlock the next stage. However, everything will be reset. At the moment, you are vulnerable. Boosting will take place if you emit the nutrition you have and feed others. Try to act strategically! Good luck!


Move around the map by using the mouse. Press and release the left mouse to emit your mass.

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