About Painty.io:

Painty.io is a fun-addicting multiplayer online 2d shooter Io game. Play against the antagonist from various countries all over the world and become the first player dominating the top spot. You have many different quests to accomplish before you hit the highest position in the rankings. Aside from the real opponent who has the same form, you will meet up with a huge number of cunning crafty triangles and big star monsters. You depart from the spawning point with a basic and vulnerable tank. You need to move carefully and control the turret skillfully to launch accurate shots. Obtain EXP and much more from collecting the paint drop appearing on the floor. Additionally, you can fill up the fuel bar with the item that you pick up during the trip. The score that you own will be spent on upgrading stats. Level up and possess better weapons. Get ready to engage the combat and fight your way!


Use WASD or arrows to move, left mouse to shoot, F to turn on or off auto-fire.

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