About Go! Eat! Bomb!:

Go! Eat! Bomb! is a super interesting free for all space-themed multiplayer online .io game. It’s ready to give you a cool challenge in which you will have the chance to explore the new world with a special character, a glutton. The mission is to become the biggest player and dominate the leaderboard. At the beginning, you are recommended to eat kittens, mushrooms, and N2O tablets. Remember to open the mouth in time! They will make you grow in size faster, enlarge for a while, and boost. They can bring to you coins, too. Be careful! They can be exploded and killed immediately if you collide with the shit. They are considered as deadly bombs. Aside from that, stay away from bigger guys. You are allowed to sneak into the middle of a crowd and blow yourself up to obtain more coins. Let’s take part in the combat and enjoy now! Good luck!


Use the mouse to move, left click to open the mouth, 1-5 to control items.

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