About Game Of Bombs:

Game Of Bombs is an awesome Bomberman style game where you fight against a lot of enemies and destroy every opponent by planting bombs. The mission is to take over the rankings. During the match, you can earn coin and obtain plutonium. They are useful to unlock items in the shop or achievements. After you embark on your job, you can roam around the maze to find and hunt the prey. However, you can clear the blocks or walls if they block your way. Be careful! For all of the explosion including what you create, you have to avoid them or they can damage or blast you away. Hide and wait until everything is safe to continue later. It is a simple tip but effective. Sometimes, you can pick up exciting power-ups. The number of the kill and score will bring you to the higher position on the leaderboard. Choose your room and start! Good luck!


Use the arrow keys to move, Space to drop bombs.

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