About Dogargame.io:

Dogargame.io is a unique and hilarious free iO game online where you have to use your skills to vanquish a lot of challenges. The game contains some game modes based on teams, so select your team before entering the game arena. The basic gameplay is just like other survival iO games, you are supposed to swallow more orbs and try your best to increase your size through over time. But this time, you will play with your team! Go around the map to hunt for your targets, try to take over more areas, and utilize your skills to defeat all enemies. There are some power-ups that scatter around the map, collect them as much as you can to boost your strength. You can use your shield to protect yourself from getting eaten by larger opponents, launch the bomb blobs to kill the foes faster, speed up and run away if you can’t handle the danger! Besides the original game, you can check out Dogargame.io Mods to experience new useful features. Hope you have a blast!


Use the mouse to control your character Press key W to drop mass, and key E to utilize power-ups

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