About Dodgeballs.io Game:

If you are looking for a game like Agar.io, then make sure you check out a new Multiplayer iO game online called Dodgeballs.io which has just been released and added to iO game list on the Internet. The game is very challenging and addictive. It’s not the same as Agar.io exactly, it still has his own unique features. Once you step into the game arena, you will direct your blob and try to move it around to battle against the enemies. While moving, you must pick up the balls scattering around the game arena, then try to aim and throw them at the foes to annihilate them. Be careful when you move because the enemies will do the same to you. For that reason, you must dodge their balls and don’t get hit, or else you will be killed instantly, and your game will be over! Try to use your skills and strategies and kill more players little by little to reach the first position on the leaderboard. Good luck!


Use the mouse to take control of your character Throw the ball at enemies by using left mouse button.

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