About CastleArena.io:

CastleArena.io is a fun fast-paced RPG tower defense Io game worth to check right now. Play as a commander and fight against many neighbors. To dominate the realm and become the King, you need to capture their land as fast as possible. But, you should destroy their castle first. It is the main objective that you have to complete. Fortunately, you are given many powerful buildings and units. You can see them in cards which are considered useless in creating wood or income. Remember that to avoid ruining the own economy. When they are available, you will pick out the item and drag them to the position that you want. You’d better arrange them in an adjacent space. It is a good idea so you have the edge over the enemy. The green arrow at the bottom will allow you to choose upgrades. Let’s learn how to defend your home base and win in the shortest time!





Click and drag unit cards or choose them by using hotkeys 1-8. Click the arrow to upgrade abilities.

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